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President's Message

inspiring and shaping the future of education

"Since its inception in 2000, SMU has built a reputation in the region as a dynamic university whose transformational education nurtures leaders of the future. Our broad-based curriculum, interactive seminar-style teaching environment, and emphasis on ethical and social responsibility, exposes our students to learning that transcends the classroom, preparing them to make a positive impact in the global marketplace and community. This is supported by a distinguished faculty comprising top academics from the world’s most renowned universities, dynamic centres and institutes of excellence, and an innovative research culture.

This interconnected cycle of excellence takes SMU students on an educational journey that is enriching, far-reaching and relevant. And there is no underestimating the impact you, our donors and supporters, have on the success of this journey. As we aspire to raise our reputation on the global arena, every gift, whether from corporate or private donors, and regardless of size or purpose, enables us to enhance and expand our programmes and facilities, recruit and retain outstanding faculty members, and support research that drives change for the better – for individuals, organisations and society.
For the opportunities you have all helped to create and the growth that we hope you’ll continue to invest in, we sincerely thank you."
Professor Arnoud De Meyer
President, Singapore Management University

Last updated on 01 Nov 2016 .