Alumni Giving Podcast

Alumni Giving Podcast

There’s nothing more relaxing than pouring yourself a cuppa and having a fun chat with a friend.

Our dynamic alumni giving podcast series, ‘A Cuppa With...’, aims to recreate the comforting interaction between pals, through conversations with special guest alumni. These industry experts welcome us into their colourful lives as they relate touching anecdotes, and insightful perspectives in overcoming personal and professional hurdles. Get inspired to take purposeful action with their illuminating thoughts on making a meaningful difference through work, play and life.

The SMU Office of Advancement is proud to present this series that showcases various takes on philanthropy, giving back and creating positive value. Hosted each week by student Radio Jockeys from the SMU Broadcast and Entertainment club, ‘A Cuppa With...’ is the perfect blend of alumni perspectives on creating impact through their endeavours.

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Episode 3: A Cuppa With Benjamin Boh

Description: We’re back with another energising pick-me-up , 'A Cuppa With Benjamin Boh' (BSc(ISM), 2007). The General Manager of McDonald’s Singapore gives us a lot to sip on, especially with his take on creating impact and helping others. Hint: It's got something to do with prioritising his employees' needs.

Don't miss out on these flavourful bits from the podcast:
- His inspirational take on leadership and strong commitment to developing the leaders of tomorrow

- The power, joy and collective wisdom that comes from working with 4 generations

- How he excels at the monumental, heart-pounding task of riding the fast food giant wave. Here's a fun fact - with more than 10,000 employees, McDonald's Singapore is the largest F&B business employer in Singapore!

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Episode 2: A Cuppa With Benjamin Boh

Episode 2: A Cuppa With Karl Mak

Description: SGAG and Hepmil Media Group Co-Founder, Karl Mak (BSc(Econ), 2013) joins us as our very first guest on our new alumni giving podcast series, ‘A Cuppa With…’. Listen to the upbeat and inspiring exchange between this Forbes Asia ‘30 under 30’ honoree and SMU Broadcast & Entertainment student Radio Jockey Koh Jie Min (BBM, 2023) as they uncover the ups, downs, highs and lows in Karl’s single-minded mission to build comedic platforms and content that people know and love.

Hear from Karl about the serious business of making people laugh -- from the hilarious beginnings of now iconic SGAG, the unlikely partnerships that skyrocketed Karl and Co-Founder Adrian Ang (BBM, 2013) to success, on how the duo grew the company to heights they never dreamt of, to how he had responded to naysayers in his path.

Sit back, relax and get ready to be entertained by Karl’s amusing anecdotes as he spills some tea… we mean, sips his coffee!

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Episode 1: Teaser 

Description: Here's a short-and-sweet taster of what to expect with our new podcast series 'A Cuppa With...'

Let SMU Broadcast and Entertainment Radio Jockey Koh Jie Min (BBM, 2023) give you a quick snapshot of what to expect in our upcoming episodes. From unconventional business models to recipes for unmatched innovation to shaking up traditional industries, our conversations are always underscored by perspectives on making a difference, improving lives and giving back. As an added bonus, get a sneak peek of our first episode with Karl Mak (BSc(Econ), 2013), Co-Founder of Hepmil Media Group (SGAG, MGAG, PGAG)!

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