Enhancing Impact

As a global-city university rooted in Asia, SMU has the unique opportunity to be the focal point for collective collaboration and to inspire actionable solutions of global relevance. Together with business, industry and the wider community, we seek a collaborative approach in creating impact that will reverberate throughout the region, supporting our promise of creating a better tomorrow.

Give to applied research at SMU for actionable solutions, societal improvement, knowledge exchange and service to the community.

Featured Story

“The Ho Rih Hwa Leadership in Asia Lecture Series serves as a unique platform for accomplished leaders within and beyond the Asia-Pacific region to come together and pave the way for a better future. It is a tremendous opportunity for robust exchange on new knowledge, experience and information.”

Mr Ho Kwon Ping

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, SMU

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How we can make it better:

Applied Reseach

Applied research deals with understanding and taking on practical, relevant issues. Your support ensures that SMU is able to engage with and contribute through developing appropriate solutions.

Actionable Solutions

Often as a result of applied research, SMU develops and pilots real-world solutions to industry, communities and the social environment around us.

Knowledge Exchange

Partnerships with industry and international academic institutions ensure a robust exchange and debate on information, perceptions and new knowledge.


Service to the community

Built into SMU’s culture and DNA, our students, faculty and staff all actively work with the local and overseas communities around us as part of responsible citizenship and a desire to positively impact humanity.