Expanding Capacity

By enabling access to real-world issues and creating a vibrant learning environment that inspires conversation and collaboration, SMU leverages its thought leadership to develop innovative solutions for the world’s most pressing problems. We are committed to ensuring that all our learners and faculty are engaged and actively contributing towards shaping a better world for the future.

Give to enable chairs, professorships, fellowships and innovative learning spaces to create a vibrant environment for positive learning and meaningful impact.

Featured Story

“In the last twenty years, we have come a long way for a new university to achieve such robust rankings. This signifies the high standards of accounting research and education here at SMU and this achievement could not have been without the dedicated and collective efforts of faculty members. Our faculty members are thoroughly committed to conducting research of the highest quality and constantly publish their work in top tier accounting journals.”

Dean and Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor Cheng Qiang

Recipient, Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Accounting, School of Accountancy

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How we can make it better:

World-class faculty

Ensuring that SMU continues to attract the world’s best thinkers and educators, as we grow into our role as an internationally recognised university.

Chairs & Professorships

Sustained gifts ensuring notable academics and thinkers are able to focus on groundbreaking research and educational endeavours.


Financial support and emphasis on new areas of research, discovery and academic breakthroughs for students and faculty.

Innovative Learning Spaces

In ensuring a vibrant city campus at the heart of Singapore, we are working towards providing a dynamic culture and environment that encourages learning, leadership and discovery.