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Public Lecture Series

Public Lecture Series

With a mission to create and disseminate knowledge, SMU has built up a series of lectures benefiting students and the community at large. These donor-supported initiatives gather visionaries, thinkers, opinion leaders and strategists to offer platforms for knowledge to be exchanged and ideas to be shared.

Ho Rih Hwa Leadership in Asia Public Lecture Series

The Ho Rih Hwa Leadership in Asia Public Lecture Series seeks to inspire students and the public with the views and valuable opinions of accomplished entrepreneurs, business and political leaders from within and beyond the Asia-Pacific region. The series was established in January 2001 by Mrs Ho Lien Fung, in memory of her late husband, former Singapore Ambassador and successful businessman Mr Ho Rih Hwa.

Shaw Foundation Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series

The Shaw Foundation Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series was established in December 2001 with a generous gift from the Shaw Foundation. The series aims to promote a deeper understanding of the issues facing a fast changing global environment and inspire the community to learn from the people whose work and lives have a profound impact in the world around us.

Lien Fung's Colloquium                               

In April 2003, Mrs Ho Lien Fung established the Lien Fung's Colloquium, also known as 廉凤讲座, seeks to enhance public understanding and appreciation of culture and society through lectures, talks and other events, with a particular focus on everyday life, while not being dominated by academic or philosophical topics.

Ngee Ann Kongsi Annual Lecture Series

In November 2007, SMU received a S$3 million donation from Ngee Ann Kongsi to establish a new series of annual lectures called the Ngee Ann Kongsi Annual Lecture Series, a platform for industry leaders and eminent scholars who are leading voices in the debate on global issues that are shaping the future of business, society and the environment.

Herbert Smith Asian Arbitration Lecture Series

The Herbert Smith Asian Arbitration Lecture Series was established in April 2010 by Herbert Smith LLP to promote knowledge-sharing on the collaborative forms of dispute resolution and access to justice, as well to as highlight Singapore’s role as a centre for international arbitration in Asia.

Vitol Industry Speaker Series                              

Established by Vitol Asia Private Limited in May 2010, the Vitol Industry Speaker Series aims to provide a platform for leading thinkers in the environment, energy and related industries to increase public understanding and appreciation of energy needs in a rapidly changing world.

Singapore Mediation Lecture                       

The Singapore Mediation Lecture series aims to enhance the understanding and use of mediation in resolving cross-border commercial dispute.The inaugural lecture was delivered on 12 August 2012 by the former President of the Republic of Singapore, Mr S R Nathan. The Singapore Mediation Lecture is presented by Harry Elias Partnership LLP and Singapore Mediation Centre in collaboration with SMU.


Last updated on 11 Sep 2013 .