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SMU Alumni Community Fund


Since the founding of SMU in 2000, the ethos of contributing back to society has always been part of SMU’s DNA, nurturing students with empathy and a heart to make a difference for society, wherever their paths may take them after graduation.

To create opportunities for alumni to come together as a collective network to support the University's vision, foster greater bonds amongst fellow alumni and all well-wishers to support the less privileged student community, we invite all alumni to make a contribution towards SMU Alumni Community Fund.

With your every donation, we are a step closer to imagine the world of possibilities that paying it forward can bring in shaping our university better. The fund will support:

  • Bursary for needy SMU students
  • SMU Mentoring Programme
  • Community Service initiatives by Alumni Groups and student groups
  • Alumni volunteerism

Paying it forward is a hallmark of SMU’s education and we invite all alumni to join us in the first-ever SMU alumni's university-wide fundraising initiative with and for the community.

All donations will enjoy 250% tax deduction.


Please note that all donations will be filed electronically to IRAS if you are a qualifying tax resident of Singapore.
Please provide an active email address as you will be sent an e-acknowledgement of your gift. Physical copy of the receipt will only be issued for donations above S$20.

The check out and payment page may take some time to load. Please do not go back or refresh the page after submitting your credit card details. When entering individual details on the payment page, please select N/A if you have a non-US address.


About the SMU Imagine Better ALUMNI Committee

Appointed by the SMU Office of Advancement since end Aug 2018, the SMU Imagine Better Alumni Committee is tasked to lead alumni and SMU-at-large in taking positive action to create a better world and better society.

This committee, diverse in composition of alumni takes collective action to create social impact in two ways: social causes and fundraising. Collaborators include SMU Office of Advancement, SMU Office of Alumni Relations and the SMU Alumni Association (SMUAA).

The committee believes in the power of the network. Not just in what alumni can do out there, but what alumni can do together with SMU, the community-at-large and even across borders.

For more information on members of the Committee, please click here

Last updated on 05 Jul 2019 .