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Recipients' Stories


Hear from the inaugural SMU Steven Miller Scholarship recipients and how the scholarship is making a difference in their SMU journey. Give today and support SIS students who are in need. 

Tan Yong Jin, Year 3, School of Information Systems

"In today's world, we see many people get trapped in the poverty cycle due to the lack of education. Perhaps this has been the case for my family. There are times when I feel that the immediate opportunity cost of pursuing a university degree outweighs the benefits of one, especially when things get tough for my family financially. 

However, I have come to realise that pursuiing this degree is indeed the right choice for me, and it is my ticket to escape the poverty cycle. Attaining a degree has become essential in today's society and I cannot fall behind. I have been taking a loan to fund my tuition fees, and the SMU Steven Miller Scholarship will definitely relieve some of the financial stress for me. 

I look forward to the day when I am finally able to walk much further on my own, and I can pay-it-forward and help someone else in need. I hope you will join me and contribute to this cause."


Tan Jin Quan, Year 3, School of Information Systems

"Never did I once look back at enrolling at SIS. This closely-knit, family oriented culture that we have here is what makes SIS unique. This sense of belonging to the school, coupled with friendly professors, seniors and peers are just a few out of the plethora of factors that enable me to perform my level best and pursue my academic and career aspirations. 

Being on the receiving end of this scholarship allows me to focus on an important aspect of university, which is to learn. I am in a better position to focus on my studies and source for good employment. During my time here in SIS, I had witnessed how this community thrives on the spirit of helping one another and I believe that this scholarship is a perfect embodiment of the SIS spirit. 

With this scholarship, I am inspired to help others and give back to the school community. Thank you Steve, the SIS community as well as the alumni for this award! I hope that one day I will be in the position to help students achieve their goals just as this scholarship has helped me."


Last updated on 09 Dec 2016 .