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Imagine Better Alumni Committee

The committee  




Ms Jeanie Lee

(MCM, 2013)

Deputy Director, Corporate Affairs, SP Group

Ms Deborah Wee

(BSocSC, 2009)

Co-founder and Head of Operations, HipVan Pte Ltd

Mr Terence Quek

(MCM, 2013)

Chief Executive Officer, Emergenetics Asia Pacific

Mr Andy Ang

(BBM, 2018)

Business Operations and Marketing Executive, Isentia

Mr Lee Kang Wee

(BBM, 2015)

Manager, Biz Development & Marketing, AcuMed Medical Group

Mr Yeo Ying Hao

(BBM & BAcc, 2015)

Affluent Phone Sales Manager, Citibank

Mr Patrick Ng

(Graduate Certificate in Communications, 2018)

Principal Technology Manager, IPI Singapore

Mr Jerome Quincy Yeo

(MCM, 2016)

Manager, SMU Office of Dean, School of Business



Ms Patricia Chua

(Participant of the Data Analytics @ Works and Blockchain Technology modules from the SMU Academy, 2018)

VP, Western Union GlobalNetwork

Mr Alvin Poh

(BSc(ISM), 2010) 


Last updated on 14 May 2019 .