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Leave Your Mark Campaign 2019


Every year, on the occassion of Commencement, an appeal is sent to the graduating cohort to make their first gift towards SMU. 100% of the amount raised will go towards financial aid for students in need, to help alleviate the financial pressure of the recipients and their families, making their SMU journey a positive and meaningful one. Last year, the Class of 2018, together with their parents and the SMU community, raised over $58,000 to support 7 financially challenged students.


  • With a gift of $100 and above, donors from Class of 2019 can leave an inspiring message, a thank-you note or a fun quote on a plaque to be installed at the Seminar Rooms, where friendships are forged and ideas are exchanged throughout your SMU days. 
  • Take part in this fun and meaningful activity today with your peers by filling up the form below.

For postgraduate Class of 2019, please contact Ms Sarah Tan ( and Ms Sun Peiyi ( to find out about a collective gift plaque.  


You are free to express your thoughts with a quote of around 100 characters. However, the following types of messages will NOT be accepted:

  • Quotes that contain defamatory contents against a person or an organisation;
  • Quotes that show political support;
  • Plagiarised quotes;
  • Quotes that contain explicit content;
  • Quotes that are vulgar, inflamatory, threatening, or depict unlawful assault and any other illegal activities;
  • Product advertisements, marketing and/or promotional content;
  • OA reserves the right to decline any quote that is inappropriate. 

*Office of Advancement reserves the right to decline any quote that is inappropriate. 

We appreciate your adherence to the guidelines, which will help keep SMU a constructive learning and working environment for all our students and stakeholders. 

We welcome one-time gift of any amount from anyone who is willing to support this cause.

Make a donation now 

Every contribution that you make is tax-deductible and Singapore individuals and corporate tax residents will enjoy 2.5 times tax deductions for approved donations to SMU made from now to 31 December 2021.

To make an online donation by MasterCard / Visa credit card, please scroll further down and fill out the donation form below

Contact us at for further enquiries or if you encounter any problems. 

Important note from IRAS: Donors are required to provide their tax reference numbers (NRIC / FIN / UEN) to SMU when they make their donations in order to be given tax deductions on the donations. If your tax reference number is provided, the deduction will be automatically included in your tax assessment. IRAS will no longer accept claims for tax deductions based on donation receipts.

Please note that all donations will be filed electronically to IRAS if you are a qualifying tax resident of Singapore. Physical copy of the receipt will only be issued for donations above S$20.

The check out and payment page may take some time to load. Please do not go back or refresh the page after submitting your credit card details. When entering individual details on the payment page, please select N/A if you have a non-US address. 

Last updated on 17 Jan 2019 .