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SOSS Textbook Fund

Supporting SOSS Students

Inspiring Deed

After running the ‘shareURmeal Singapore’ charity drive for two years while in SMU, alumnus Tim Mou Hui (BSocSc 2012) initiated the School of Social Sciences Textbook Fund for undergraduate students of School of Social Sciences (SOSS). Mou Hui takes time out from his job at the Singapore Public Service to share with the alumni community the inspiration behind his philanthropic deed.    

How did you come up with the idea of a textbook fund and what was your motivation behind it?

While the existing system of financial assistance and support in SMU is quite comprehensive, I think there are still gaps that can be filled. While other schools have a range of school-specific financial aid schemes, there are not many dedicated to SOSS students. My seniors changed this when they established the Joanne Chan Memorial Fund last year. This inspired me to establish a fund for disadvantaged SOSS students. 

I know that short-term financial aid can go a long way to relief the financial burden of  students with needs. I have personally benefited from a SMU Bursary during my first semester at SMU, and subsequently, from the Sharon Lee Teng Siew Scholarship. Now that I am a little more stable financially, I would like to do whatever I can to pay forward the goodwill that I've received.

What do you hope to achieve with this fund?

I hope to touch the lives of SOSS students who may be going through a rough patch financially and need just a little bit of help to keep themselves and their families going. `It would of course be even more awesome if they pay this forward in future, and give back to society in any way they can.

Do you have any other donors and supporters to the fund?

I'm honoured to have received a matching seed donation to the fund from SOSS faculty thus far. I really hope to be able to get more faculty, alumni, students, parents, and the public to support this initiative so that it becomes sustainable. 

Did the SMU experience help in shaping your motivation to start the fund?

I think it's really the positive energy and collegiality that I had the privilege of experiencing in my four years at SMU. I can't pin down specific instances - indeed, there might be too many - but I recall the kindness and patience of my peers, seniors, faculty, staff, and friends who have touched my life.

What would you tell someone who might be contemplating to follow your footsteps?  

Go for it. If you feel that there is a need that could be met through your efforts or ideas, there will always be someone who is willing to listen and support you.

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