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SIS Alumni Speak

SIS students have gone on and done well for themselves. Read more about alumni's experience while in SIS and how Professor Miller and financial support from scholarships have helped them get to where they are now. 

Alan Lim, Class of 2007
  • Recipient of SMU Scholarship
  • Present position:  General Manager, Citigold Private Client, Citibank Singapore Ltd

"After my first year in SIS, I thought of quitting school to work due to some financial difficulties at home. I have no idea how Steve got to learn about it. He had a long chat with me then (just like a caring daddy speaking with an assuring tone), telling me not to quit. Little did I know, Steve offered me the SMU Scholarship the next day. I am grateful to Steve.

With the scholarship, I managed to travel to New York for a 2-weeks Business Study Mission during my final year of school. The experience was an unforgettable one and benefited me in an great way.

Without Steve's generous offer of the scholarship, I guess my life would be radically different. The thought of having to support my family and leaving school was indeed disheartening. I was fortunate to be a scholarship recipient as I have heard of needy friends who took loans from bank or relatives to complete their studies. It is challenging for one to have to worry about having multiple study loans upon graduation. 

Let's come together as ONE to contribute to the school as how we would have gained much from it!"

Phelicia Goh, Class of 2008
  • Recipient of the SMU-SIS Scholarship
  • Present position:  Vice President, Information Risk Lead Specialist, BNY Mellon

"I always regarded SIS as the place that broke me out of the local education system.  Unlike the usual constraints, we were empowered to explore solutions, albeit there was Professors and Teaching Staff ready to guide us when we sought help.

SIS arranged with partners and managers from Ernst & Young (EY) to come teach as guest lecturers for some classes in a particular module.  This became an opportunity for students like me (then) to network, obtain an internship within EY and was offered a job before graduation.  It is not apparent to the students but there is a lot of thought put into the course design and the engagement of external industrial expertise for the benefit of students.

The benefits from his scholarship helped while I was in school monetary wise.  But upon graduation, the scholarship became an intangible asset and has a far reaching effect for me as a working adult now. I have too many fond memory snippets of Steve.  The one that I remember and still uphold is, "When you leave SIS, you represent the school.  The remaining students in SIS are depending on your performance to show the industry what we are made of."

Study loans are very disruptive for fresh graduates.  It sets them back in life before they can get ahead.  For needy students, they might need to support their family upon graduation.  With multiple study loans, it is going be challenging.  

Steve's pioneering spirit allows SIS to break boundaries and change the lives of many alumni.  Let's pay it forward!"

Last updated on 23 May 2016 .