Giving Campaigns

Empowering Students

Imagine empowering a new generation of leaders creating positive change.

Expanding Capacity

Imagine expanding a multidisplinary environment of flexible learning paths.

World-Class Faculty

Ensuring that SMU continues to attract the world’s best thinkers and educators, as we grow into our role as an internationally recognised university.

Chairs & Professorships

Sustained gifts ensuring notable academics and thinkers are able to focus on groundbreaking research and educational endeavours.


Financial support and emphasis on new areas of research, discovery and academic breakthroughs for students and faculty.

Innovative Learning Spaces

In ensuring a vibrant city campus at the heart of Singapore, we are working towards providing a dynamic culture and environment that encourages learning, leadership and discovery.


Enhancing Impact

Imagine enhancing society through actionable solutions and services.

Applied Research

Applied research deals with understanding and taking on practical, relevant issues. Your support ensures that SMU is able to engage with and contribute through developing appropriate solutions.

Service to Community

Often as a result of applied research, SMU develops and pilots real-world solutions to industry, communities and the social environment around us.

Knowledge Exchange

Partnerships with industry and international academic institutions ensure a robust exchange and debate on information, perceptions and new knowledge.

Actionable Solutions

Built into SMU’s culture and DNA, our students, faculty and staff all actively work with the local and overseas communities around us as part of responsible citizenship and a desire to positively impact humanity.