Arnoud De Meyer Global Exposure Fund

Professor Arnoud De Meyer, who served as fourth President of SMU from September 2010, concluded his term and stepped down on 31 December 2018. Under Professor De Meyer’s stewardship, SMU has grown significantly, having essentially transformed SMU from a “single product” to a “multi-product” university, as described in his own words.

SMU’s outreach and advancement activities have also progressed very significantly during his term. He was directly involved in the areas of SMU’s internationalisation and reputation-building efforts, particularly in China, India, Southeast Asia and Europe.

SMU-X – the brainchild of Professor De Meyer – has also gained much traction and become a buzzword for experiential learning. This award-winning innovative pedagogy, which is now well on its way to becoming an integral part of SMU’s pedagogical DNA, will be viewed as a defining step in the University’s progress and development. This will be an important blueprint in SMU’s developmental map and will distinguish SMU from other leading institutions.

One of Professor De Meyer’s key areas of focus for SMU was in the space of globalisation, and it was during his tenure that overseas exposure was made a graduation requirement. He firmly believed that for students to have global exposure from the vantage of a university education is invaluable for international networking and global vision; it also opens doors to bigger opportunities. He was a strong advocate for first-hand, real-world perspective of issues learnt in the classroom, as it deepens students’ learning and knowledge application. But more importantly, he believed the journey builds independence, empathy, open-mindedness, not to mention soft-skills like communication and teamwork.

In honour of Arnoud and his passion for global exposure, we hope to raise over $600,000 towards establishing the Arnoud De Meyer Global Exposure Fund. With the accompanying Ministry of Education match, this endowed fund will, on an annual basis, provide:

  • 4 x Exchange scholarships valued at $5,000 each
  • 10 x Study mission grants valued at $1,000 each

This will allow financially-needy undergraduate students to experience and interact with the world beyond Singapore – through overseas engagements and international learning opportunities, where students can immerse themselves both culturally and academically in a new environment for a fresh learning experience.

We now appealing to your generosity towards this meaningful initiative. Your support will be critical in allowing us to fulfill Professor De Meyer’s vision to have 100% of SMU students embark on at least one global experience before graduating.

We hope to officially establish this fund by late 2020 so that we can formally announce the gift and your kind contribution in conjunction with SMU’s 20th anniversary celebrations this year.