Leave Your Mark 2020

The Leave Your Mark campaign is an opportunity for new alumni to make their very first gift towards their alma mater. Since 2016, the Leave Your Mark campaign has raised over $184,000 from proud graduates and the SMU community. To celebrate SMU's 20th Anniversary, all of the proceeds from Leave Your Mark will go to the SMU Bursary Fund.

With a gift of $100 and above, SMU will recognise your first contribution with a commemorative plaque bearing your name and your message that will be attached to the tables in seminar rooms throughout campus.

Your gift, of any amount, is important to us and especially the students who will benefit from your generosity the most. Your participation will allow students to be supported and enriched during their university life here.

Leave Your Mark 2020

Class of 2020:
These are the current Seminar Rooms where Leave Your Mark plaques will be installed:

SOA- S.R 1.2

LKCSB- S.R 2.5


SIS S.R 2.1

SOL- S.R 2.01

EMBA- S.R 4.1

Postgraduate Class of 2020:
Contact Natasha Tan (natashatan [at] smu.edu.sg (subject: I%20would%20like%20to%20make%20a%20collective%20gift%20plaque%20contribution) ) to make a collective gift plaque contribution.

Message Guidelines
You are free to express your thoughts with a message or quote of around 100 characters. Please exercise discretion in your selection. The University reserves the right not to showcase any inappropriate messages. These include:

  • Content that contains defamatory contents against a person or an organisation;
  • Content that show political support;
  • Plagiarised quotes or quotes without due credit or references;
  • Content that is explicit, vulgar, inflammatory, threatening, or depicts unlawful assault and any other illegal activities;
  • Product advertisements, marketing and/or promotional content;
  • Any other inappropriate contents as determined by the University.

We welcome one-time gift of any amount from anyone who is willing to support this cause.