The Mentoring Circle Fund

The Mentoring Circle (TMC) is born to recognise the institution’s top contributors and further accelerate their abilities to give back to the societies surrounding them.

Founded on the principles of giving and professional excellence, our club envisions an SMU where future generations are consistently better than the last through strong mentorship and transforming individuals into strong people builders.

In Collaboration with SMU Office of Alumni Relations, the Circle will host several events for members every semester, which includes professional mentoring workshops, alumni sharing and social events.

The Alumni of TMC have given back their time and effort since our inception. The Mentoring Circle Fund represents that same spirit of giving, just in a different form. We started off with S$3,500 pledged by our founding team. This will continue to grow as each alumnus/alumna of TMC realises the full impact of their actions, and how the funds can be used to foster a stronger mentoring culture and impact in SMU. Thus, we make each generation better than the last.