Scaling new heights with Quantedge Foundation Scholarships

Scaling new heights with Quantedge Foundation Scholarships

Monday Aug 28,2017

“With this four-year scholarship, we wish to catalyze the start of many transformational journeys as we lighten the financial burden of tertiary education on cohorts of deserving students and their families. We hope these students can go on to fully embrace an enriching and meaningful educational journey with SMU that will enable them to achieve their academic and career aspirations,” said Quantedge Foundation Director Mr Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin at the Quantedge Foundation Scholarship Presentation and Appreciation Ceremony on 14 August 2017.

The inaugural batch of 13 Quantedge Foundation scholars received their certificates from Mr Lee Yin Chao and Ms Meeshell Koh, Managing Director and Investor Services Manager of Quantedge Capital respectively. Both Mr Lee and Ms Koh are alumni of SMU.

Also present at the event were SMU Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping, President Professor Arnoud De Meyer, Dean of Students Professor Paulin Straughan, as well as directors and staff of Quantedge Foundation and Quantedge Capital.

Urging the scholars to boldly seek out new experiences and make the most of invaluable opportunities during their time in SMU, Mr Suhaimi said, “Get out of your comfort zone, build friendships, explore your passions and take time to reflect.” He reminded the scholars to remember all those who have helped them get to where they are, and to “strive to do the best you can in the various stations in life and seek to give back to society. Pay it forward and make the world a better place, in your own special ways.”

[Caption: SMU Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping presented a token to Quantedge Foundation Director Mr Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin in appreciation of the Foundation’s $8 million gift to seed-fund SMU Access.]

On 1 March 2017, SMU had launched a bold new initiative called SMU Access which guarantees that every financially needy incoming Singaporean student will receive a financial aid package equal to the student’s full tuition fees. This will effectively make the entire university education tuition-free for eligible students.

This broad-based initiative is the first of its kind by any university in Singapore. Eligibility for SMU Access, which is bond-free, is based only on the student’s household economic circumstances such as per capita income and housing type, with no academic qualification requirements.

SMU Access is seed-funded by the Quantedge Foundation Scholarship, a new scholarship programme endowed by an $8 million gift from Quantedge Foundation, a local charity. Together with the Ministry of Education’s matching grant, the Quantedge Foundation Scholarship will provide full financial aid for the entire duration of the recipients’ undergraduate programme.

In his appreciation speech, SMU President Professor Arnoud De Meyer said, “Education goes beyond achieving academic excellence and many students are seeking rewarding university experiences that can best prepare their hearts and minds for the global marketplace. We, at SMU, believe in developing all-rounded leaders of the future and the benevolent support from the Quantedge Foundation will go a long way to enable SMU to achieve this goal. This Scholarship frees up these scholars’ time to pursue a rich and fulfilling university life, instead of having to work part-time to fund their educational expenses.”

Turning to the donors, President De Meyer said that this gift by Quantedge Foundation “has a life-changing impact on these scholars and will continue to transform many, many more batches of SMU students and encourage them to do their part for the community.”

[Caption: Quantedge Foundation scholar Mr Lim Jun Bin received his scholarship certificate from Ms Meeshell Koh, Investor Services Manager of Quantedge Capital and SMU alumna.]

Mr Lim Jun Bin, a scholarship recipient who started his studies at the School of Accountancy on 21 August 2017, shared what being awarded this scholarship by Quantedge Foundation means.

Jun Bin had to juggle his part-time job to help out with the family’s finances while maintaining good academic results during his polytechnic days. A volunteer at the 2010 Youth Olympic Games and the 2013 National Day Parade, he credited his mother as the main motivation in his studies.

Jun Bin said, “Without the help of this scholarship, I would have to continue to juggle my work and studies, which was very disruptive to my studies in the past. Thank you, Quantedge Foundation, for giving me the opportunity to focus on pursuing my degree full-time, without having to worry about any financial burden on my family. This scholarship will motivate me even more to maintain good academic results and to give back to the community through SMU’s community service projects.”

[Featured photo: (back row) Dean of Students Professor Paulin Straughan (second from left), SMU President Prof Arnoud De Meyer (third from left), Quantedge Foundation Director Mr Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin (fifth from left), SMU Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping (sixth from left), Quantedge Capital Managing Director Mr Lee Yin Chao (seventh from left), Quantedge Capital Investor Services Manager Ms Meeshell Koh (eight from left), Quantedge Foundation Director Mr Lee Jia An (ninth from left), Quantedge Capital Operations Analyst Ms Tay Yang Juan (first from right) and Quantedge Capital Operations Analyst Ms Serene Chua (second from right) with the inaugural batch of Quantedge Foundation scholars.]