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Graduation Class Gift 2018

Leave Your Mark is your opportunity to thank someone or leave a message or quote in celebration of your graduation. Seminar Rooms (SRs) from each school have been dedicated for you, the Graduating Class of 2018, to pen your messages which will be engraved onto individual metal plaques and installed permanently onto the tables.

The SRs, where you have formed fond memories over the last few years, have inevitably become a part of your SMU journey. Now is the chance for you to leave a part of you in the SRs. Come together with your peers and take part in this fun and meaningful activity today!

You can select a seat number that you like, and even request for your plaques to be placed alongside your friends’ or loved ones. Donate today by filling up the form below.

What is the Leave Your Mark event about?

As part of the Graduation Class Gift 2018, SMU has selected Seminar Rooms (SRs) in each school for you to Leave Your Mark. Leave Your Mark in the form of your very own plaque which includes your quote and name engraved on it, with every donation of $100 and above. The plaques will be permanently affixed to the SR tables. 

You can write a message to inspire your juniors, or a fun quote to spur them on in their SMU journey. You can also use the opportunity to honour or thank someone, such as a family member or faculty member, who has made an impact on you during your time at SMU!

What Can I Include in My Quote?

You are free to express yourself through a quote of around 100 characters. However, facilitators of this naming exercise have the right to reject any inappropriate quotes or statements submitted by participants. The following types of quotes will not be accepted:

• Quotes that contain defamatory contents against a person or an organization
• Quotes that show political support
• Plagiarised quotes
• Quotes that contain explicit content
• Quotes that are vulgar, inflammatory, threatening, or describe/depict unlawful assault and any other illegal activities
• Product advertisements, marketing and/or promotional content

We appreciate your adherence to the guidelines, which will help keep SMU a constructive learning and working environment for all our students and stakeholders.

*All quotes will be subject to approval by the Office of Advancement.

Who Are The Beneficiaries?

100% of your donation will go towards financial aid for students in need. Each year, SMU identifies our undergraduates who face dire financial situations that prevent them from fully focusing on their studies and participating in student-life activities. The funds will help alleviate the financial pressures on the recipients and their families, making their SMU journey a positive and meaningful experience.

The messages that you leave behind in the SRs, will serve to encourage future batches of SMU students who come through the doors for their classes. Words of advice or a light-hearted encouragement will go a long way in building a culture of support. Messages of appreciation will also foster an attitude of gratitude within the SMU community.

Will I Be Able To See My Plaque Before I Leave SMU?

Yes! During the four days of Commencement ceremonies, the SRs will be open for you and your families and friends to visit and take photos. So, get your phones and cameras ready to capture the beautiful collection of the plaques donated by your graduating cohort!

The Office of Advancement will notify you via email the SR and seat number that your plaque will be installed.

IMPORTANT: Please note that while we welcome contributions from all students, only students graduating in this academic year (Graduating Class of 2018 only) will be able to create their plaques. The checkout and payment pages make take some time to load. Please do not go back or refresh the page after submitting your credit card details.



























































































Last updated on 26 Oct 2017 .