Advancing The Business Of Family Enterprise V3

Advancing The Business Of Family Enterprise V3

Thursday Aug 16,2018

“The family unit is the most vital and sustainable unit of society. In order for family continuation to exist, and longevity and legacy to be built, family entrepreneurship is key. I am confident that through this newly established V3 Group Professorship in Family Entrepreneurship, SMU will be able to generate more research insights and develop relevant programmes on family entrepreneurship, and make a positive and meaningful impact on business families across the region.”
Mr Ron Sim,
Founder and Chairman, V3 Group

The SMU Business Family Institute’s (BFI) 5th anniversary was not only a celebration of the ground-breaking work by the institute, but also a time to reaffirm its commitment to advancing best practices in family entrepreneurship.

To this end, the V3 Group made a generous gift $3 million to set-up the V3 Group Professorship in Family Entrepreneurship.

OSIM founder Ron Sim, who heads up the V3 Group is also a founding family member of the institute, and hopes that the gift will strengthen BFI’s leading position in the region as it offers strategic advice to business families, while drawing on the university’s research and involvement in setting industry practices.

The professorship will allow faculty to challenge existing understandings in the field and drive research that will unlock the growth and development of family entrepreneurship here and in the region.