Creating A Pathway To Ethical Leadership

Creating A Pathway To Ethical Leadership

Friday Aug 18,2017

“The SMU Pathfinders Programme provides a framework and foundation for future leaders to uncover their own values, chart their own paths and discover their own purpose.”
Kuok Khoon Ean
Chairman, Kuok (Singapore) Ltd

When considering what values today’s generation of leaders should hold, Mr Kuok Khoon Ean, one of the founding members of SMU’s Board of Trustees, envisioned leaders that are resilient, tenacious and imbued with moral values.

With this in mind, Mr Kuok helped launch a new self-development programme known as the SMU Pathfinders Programme.

The SMU Pathfinders Programme encourages student leaders to reflect on skills and lessons they have picked up during their studies – be it through co-curricular experiences or internships. It takes it roots from the principles of SMU LifeLessons as it strives to shape moral and ethical leaders.

Find out more about the SMU Pathefinders Programme here.