Global Education And Support For The Region’s Brightest

Global Education And Support For The Region’s Brightest

Wednesday Jan 31,2018

“It has given me the rare chance to reconnect with peers who come from a similar background as me. Through these seniors I was introduced to the welcoming Thai community in SMU and this has brought me one step closer to reconnecting with the Thai society.”
Ms Ravipha Nilju
Recipient, Bangkok Bank Scholarship
Class of 2017, School of Business, SMU

Bangkok Bank has renewed its Bangkok Bank Scholarship for an additional year. More than just financial support, the scholarship ensures a strong community network that Thai students at SMU can lean on.

First established in 2013, the Bangkok Bank Scholarship is awarded to one recipient each year, and provides incoming undergraduates from Thailand and of Thai nationality with the opportunity to experience a transformative education in SMU.

It is valued at up to $100,000 or $25,000 per academic year, and will cover the student’s full tuition fees and living expenses.

As part of the scholarship, recipients are also encouraged to give back to the local Thai community, be it through building infrastructure or teaching local students as part of a community service programme.

Internship and career opportunities with Bangkok Bank and its designated companies are also provided, where recipients help develop innovative solutions to tackle local issues.

More about the scholarship can be found here.