Meaningful Impact Stories: Emily Ang Siu Hui, ABWIN Bursary Recipient

Meaningful Impact Stories: Emily Ang Siu Hui, ABWIN Bursary Recipient

Monday Feb 17,2020

[Featured photo: Emily Ang (far left) with her Project Heartcode peers]

One aspect that attracted me to study at SMU is the vibrancy of the university student life and culture. We are not solely focused on academics. Students also participate in a range of different activities that pique their interest or contribute to their self-improvement. The vast opportunities available to broaden my horizons also spurred my desire to be a student at SMU. Making internships and global exposure part of the core curriculum allows me to expanding my world-view and better prepare me for working life. In addition, awarding marks for class participation urges students to step out of their shells and articulate their thoughts with their peers and professors.

As a recipient of the ABWIN bursary, I do not take things for granted. I am immensely grateful to receive it and it motivates me to strive for my best academically. Since receiving financial aid, I have become more invested in my studies as I do not have to constantly worry about my parents and my tuition. Gone are the days where I peel my eyes for part-time jobs to cover my living expenses. My personal goal at SMU is to learn to open myself to challenges and possibilities, and to constantly improve myself. My belief is that I benefit most when I embrace new challenges that I would usually not tackle. Knowing that my parents are immensely supportive encourages me to work even harder so I can make them proud.

One example of how I’ve stepped up is by taking part in a community service project, organised by the School of Information Systems during the semester break. The programme consists of SMU students personally imparting basic programming skills to underprivileged youths. It was heartening and inspiring to witness these youths explore their interest in IT through solving social issues. The bonds and friendships forged with my mentees and peers have spurred me to join the organising committee of the initiative in the next run.

During my time at SMU, I look forward to enriching my student life as I’m painfully aware that it will be the last leg of my education journey, before entering the workforce. It is my hope to serve and lead by being more involved in extra-curricular activities and meaningful community service projects. Participating in competitions and hackathons while at University will be great experience and exposure that I look forward to as well. Preparing myself for a career in technology has never excited me this much.

Emily Ang Siu Hui, Bachelor of Science (Information Systems), ABWIN Bursary Recipient 2019