Mobilising A Force For Better

Mobilising A Force For Better

Wednesday Nov 07,2018

“Being recipients of SMU scholarships, we are grateful for the opportunities it has opened up for us as we step into new careers after retiring from the Singapore Armed Forces. Creating the SMU Warriors Fund is our small gesture to pay it forward.”
BG Chua Boon Keat
Commandant, SAFTI Military Institute
Class Of 2018, Lee Kong Chian School of Business (EMBA)

In appreciation of the lifelong impact a scholarship left on them, a group of former servicemen banded together to raise $200,000 through one-time donations or multi-year pledges to set up the SMU Warriors Bursary.

Beyond supporting financially needy servicemen studying at SMU, the group hopes to provide non-financial assistance, like mentoring and coaching for recipients, as part of the scheme.

Through the SMU Warriors Bursary, dedicated national servicemen have the opportunity to pursue academic aspirations that may otherwise have been unattainable.

The bursary’s name pays tribute to the original scholarship that left a mark on the former servicemen – the SMU Warriors Scholarship (SWS). This is a bond-free scholarship that provides retiring SAF servicemen a platform to transition into their next career with the help of a SMU Masters degree.

Find out more about the SMU Warriors Bursary scheme or make a donation here.