Passion And Access To Technology For The Future

Passion And Access To Technology For The Future

Friday Jul 27,2018

“Throughout Project HeartCode, I have received more than I could give. From my fellow mentors and mentees, I have learnt about tenacity, determination, creativity and much more. I am really grateful for this amazing community service experience and I really hope more can benefit from this project.”
Teh Ming Yi
Undergraduate, School of Information Systems, SMU

In combining programming skills with a desire to give back to the community, Ellipsis (the SMU Information Systems Society), and SMU Devera created Project HeartCode.

Project HeartCode is a technology community service initiative that goes beyond providing underprivileged youths with an opportunity to learn basic programming skills; it also aims to show participants how they can make a difference and give back to society with these skills.

In its pilot programme, Project HeartCode not only introduced youths to website development, but also encouraged discussions around social issues and how participants could use what they learnt to create websites regarding the social issues they cared about.

Check out the websites created by participants in the pilot programme here.

The initiative was made possible by the support of the Lee Foundation and Mr Ng Kai Wa.