A Rising Chapter For Asia

A Rising Chapter For Asia

Saturday Nov 10,2018

“We have to embrace these changes... to have a good understanding of the impact these forces will have, and to calibrate our education system accordingly so that our students will be prepared and equipped to thrive in this fast-changing world.”
Professor Arnoud De Meyer
4th President, SMU

With the goal of fostering a robust exchange and debate of ideas across boundaries, the SMU Industry Leaders Dialogue forms an integral part of the university’s efforts to deepen its understanding and collaboration with local players in countries across the region.

The dialogue sessions serve as a platform for industry leaders, academia and other stakeholders to share, discuss and debate pressing issues within their local communities.

In 2018, dialogue sessions were held in Shanghai, Manila and Yangon, with each session focusing on a key theme.

SMU Industry Dialogue in Shanghai, China
Against the backdrop of the ongoing trade disputes between China and the U.S., the dialogue discussed how China could unlock opportunities to develop higher-skilled industries and expedite its ‘Made in China 2025’ policy to capitalise on the current macro-economic landscape.

SMU Industry Dialogues in Manila, Philippines
Jointly hosted with Ayala Corporation, the SMU-Ayala Industry Leaders Dialogue in Manila explored the socio-economic conditions of cities in development, and how progress often brings about the erosion of treasured traditions and heritage.

SMU Industry Dialogue in Yangon, Myanmar
While the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become the centrepiece of China’s foreign policy, details of the project and how the BRI might evolve in countries such as Myanmar remain unclear. The Dialogue session in Yangon discussed the potential pitfalls and opportunities arising from the BRI for Myanmar, with a panel discussion that culminated into an encouraging outlook towards China’s proposed investment.

The SMU Industry Leaders Dialogue is made possible through the SMU International Advisory Council (SMU IAC) - an initiative aimed at providing platforms for active engagement between SMU’s overseas alumni, international students, the local business community and academia.

As of 2018, SMU has IACs established in Myanmar, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, and this will continue to grow.

For more information on SMU IACs and other SMU Industry Leaders Dialogue sessions, please visit the website here.