Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry gifted SMU $1.2 million to spur academic excellence

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry gifted SMU $1.2 million to spur academic excellence

Tuesday Sep 27,2016

Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce Foundation (SCCCF), the charity arm of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI), has donated $1.2 million each to the five public universities in Singapore.

The donation was formalised at the University Scholarship Endowment Fund Inauguration Ceremony held at SCCCI on 9 September 2016. SMU President Professor Arnoud De Meyer signed the gift agreement with SCCCI Vice Chairman Mr Wu Hsioh Kwang.

The new Scholarship, which will commence in academic year 2017/2018, follows a revamp of the previous Scholarship scheme. Established at SMU in 2001, the former SCCCF Business Scholarship handed out four scholarships each year valued at $10,000 each and was tenable for the recipient’s one year of study.

Four SMU students received the SCCCF Business Scholarship under the previous Scholarship scheme at the ceremony. They are Mr Neo Hui Shen, Year 2, Lee Kong Chian School of Business (LKCSB); Ms Melrose Tan (Year 4, LKCSB); Ms Lisa Tan Jia Ying (Year 3, School of Economics); and Mr Soh Jie Qi (Year 4, School of Accountancy). Ms Fadhillah Mohamed Faizan (Year 1, LKCSB) received the SCCCF-Mendaki Scholarship.

Under the new Scholarship scheme which bears the same name, two Scholarships valued at $15,000 each and tenable for up to three years will be awarded annually to SMU students in their second year of study. The award will fund students in any undergraduate degree programme at SMU.

The Scholarship aims to motivate and reward academically excellent undergraduate students at SMU to achieve greater heights of academic excellence. The Scholarship is bond free.

To be considered for the Scholarship, applicants must have achieved excellent academic results, possess good character and leadership potential, have good CCA and/or community service involvement record, and be effectively bilingual in English and Chinese. Preference will be given to students who are motivated to give back to the society, and who demonstrate a keen interest and knowledge of local Chinese businesses.

Mr Neo Hui Shen said, “This scholarship is especially meaningful to me because it’s the first scholarship that I have received during my university years. It is an important recognition of my hard work, and will go a long way in motivating me to work harder in my future academic and non-academic pursuits.”

Added Ms Melrose Tan, “This scholarship has helped to relieve the financial burden on my family and has also given me an opportunity to learn and gain exposure to the Chinese businesses. I believe the opportunity to network with the SCCCI members would provide me with immense insights and knowledge which I truly appreciate.”

[Featured photo: (R-L) Ms Lisa Tan Jia Ying, Mr Soh Jie Qi, Mr Neo Hui Shen, SMU President Prof Arnoud De Meyer, SCCCI President Mr Thomas Chua, Ms Melrose Tan Qiu Hui, and Ms Fadhillah Mohamed Faizan.]