SMU Alumnus Supports Law Books Collection, Gives Back Meaningfully

SMU Alumnus Supports Law Books Collection, Gives Back Meaningfully

Thursday Mar 05,2020

Nick Chiam is an alumnus of the Singapore Management University (SMU), and graduated within the top 10% of his LLB cohort. Having been a beneficiary of financial aid during his undergraduate studies, Nick truly appreciates the impact of giving.

“I went through each year of law school not knowing if it would be my last. But I was sustained by each scholarship, grant and award until graduation. So I'm very thankful for such timely providence,” he recounts.

The Nick Chiam Collection of Law Books was established by the grateful alumnus to develop and update the law resources within the Kwa Geok Choo Law Library, in particular books prescribed in courses offered by the SMU School of Law.

Nick hopes that the Collection will practically benefit students who depend heavily on the resources of the law library in their scholarly pursuits, and desires that they will ultimately go on to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly in all their future endeavours.

In addition, he also desires for the Collection to inspire SMU alumni to think of what they do in terms of a calling, and dream up ways of contributing to their alma mater in a manner which aligns with their personal vision for a better society. “If you ever thought that your generosity would only have abstract benefits, I am proof that your giving can concretely improve the day-to-day life of a struggling student-beneficiary,” he said.

Nick is currently a lawyer with a leading firm in Singapore, and advises in the field of intellectual property, technology and data. Nick also teaches as an Adjunct Faculty with the SMU School of Law from time to time, specialising in the intersection of legal theory, philosophy, ethics, and social responsibility. He routinely serves on various volunteer committees of the Law Society of Singapore, amongst other pro bono projects.

[Above: Nick Chiam (LLB, 2017), at his graduation]