SMU marks the opening of its new 2019 Academic Year with a big “Garden Party”

SMU marks the opening of its new 2019 Academic Year with a big “Garden Party”

Tuesday Aug 20,2019

The Singapore Management University (SMU) welcomed its 20th and largest cohort of 2383 freshmen on Friday, 16 August 2019.

The day’s celebrations began with freshmen being welcomed at their individual schools, followed by the annual mega co-curricular activities fair VIVACE (SMU's largest CCA fair with more than 100 student clubs showcasing the best of Student Life) at the Campus Green and Concourse.

Said VIVACE Organising Committee Chairman, Shaun Teo Hong Kai (Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Year 2), “VIVACE 2019 was the fruit of 43 committee members putting in an immense amount of hard work over a five month period. With VIVACE's size and scale larger than ever this year, I am grateful to have worked alongside these capable members to achieve something bigger than ourselves. Through the bumps in the planning process, I am thankful that they have given me the opportunity to learn more about people management and how to tailor my leadership style to push them further.

Being a part of VIVACE 2019 has been a dream since I came in as a freshman last year, and I am blessed to have forged many friendships and connections along the way. With the many smiles on the faces of the freshmen during the event, I firmly believe we have been able to showcase the best of student life here in SMU. It has been a truly memorable experience, and one that I will carry with me wherever I go!”

The day ended with the Academic Year Opening Ceremony in the evening at the SMU Hall. About 500 guests comprising SMU Board of Trustees, senior management, faculty, staff, donors, alumni, freshmen and student leaders, entered the “lush garden” at the SMU Hall, School of Law and were treated to a sit-down dinner, interspersed with student performances and colourful, neon-lit “butterflies”.

Guests were treated to a colourful “garden” dessert at the end of the dinner and some lucky ones even had the chance to take home a potted plant!

You can view the photo album of the day’s celebrations here.


New curriculum and courses with effect from AY2019/AY2020

Starting 19 August, the university’s 20th cohort of freshmen will pursue degree programmes in accountancy, business management, economics, information systems, law and social sciences. They will also have the opportunity to take up new offerings introduced for the first time in the forthcoming academic year and embark on a new Core Curriculum. It stands on three pillars of learning, or three inter-related paths of development – Capabilities, Community and Civilisations. The existing mandatory internship and community service components for undergraduates are now integrated into the redesigned Core Curriculum as credit-bearing programmes. Through this new Core Curriculum, SMU intends to nurture graduates who have an independent mind while being dependable in deeds, and graduates who think deeply and broadly and at the same time, act to create value at home and abroad.

[Featured photo: Organisers and performers pose for a well-deserved photo at the end of the AYOC night]

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