World-Class Faculty Engaged In Real World Issues

World-Class Faculty Engaged In Real World Issues

Monday Apr 17,2017

“At AXA, we believe that researchers have the keys to societal progress, and that an engaged community of academics can contribute to shape a better world.”
Mr Raphaël Gusdorf
Research Fund Head, AXA

Against the backdrop of rising cybercrime and concerns around security, the AXA Research Fund awarded SMU’s Professor Robert Deng with the prestigious AXA Chair Professorship of Cybersecurity to further research in the field.

Professor Deng’s research is expected to yield new security models, algorithms, protocols, and analysis techniques that could help organisations and individuals reduce risks from cybersecurity threats.

See what Professor Deng has to say about the chair professorship in this video.

One of only six across the world, the chair professorship contributes not only to solving global issues, it complements and enriches the teaching and learning experience in SMU, cementing its role as a key contributor to the nation’s thought leadership.