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Recipients' Stories


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Ranice Lim, Year 3, Lee Kong Chian School of Business
"I am extremely grateful to be chosen for this bursary and it made me feel appreciated and recognized. I would like to thank everyone involved in the selection process and to give me a sense of relief as this bursary has taken some load off my shoulders. With this, I will be able to focus better on the other aspects of my student and working life and not be so distracted by debts and other financial issues."

Phoebe Ong, Year 1, School of Social Sciences
"I am extremely thankful to receive the SMU Graduating Class Fund Bursary as it lightens my family's financial worries. Honestly, I was surprised at first as I did not expect to be able to receive the bursary. It has inspired me to do my best in SMU so that I would not disappoint my family and those who have provided me support. My family is very thankful for the bursary and it would definitely allow me have more time for my studies."

Lee Kah Heng, Year 1, Lee Kong Chian School of Business
"I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to SMU and the donors for funding this Bursary. I feel very grateful to be a recipient especially when I found out that the donors of this fund were the graduating students of 2016. Thank you so much!"

Louis Tan, Year 3, School of Infomation Systems
"I am grateful to be able to receive such an award as this helps cover part of my school fees. This news also came to me as a pleasant surprise as I was unaware of being shortlisted for this Bursary. Be it financially or in any other means, I will try my best to support future students in need and allow them to experience the benefit like how I did from the alumni through this award."

Wong Yan Ting, Year 2, Lee Kong Chian School of Business
"I feel extremely thankful and fortunate to be given the opportunity to receive the bursary. Having received this fund has greatly lightened the financial burden of my family. This has allowed me to put more focus on the important aspects of school such as paving my learning journey and seeking new opportunites. The generosity from the Graduation Class Gift 2016 Campaign has definitely motivated me to give back to the community."

Wong Yan Wen, Year 2, Lee Kong Chian School of Business
"I feel extremely privileged and thankful having to be offered this bursary. This will definitely help in reducing the weight of repaying school tuition fees upon graduation. In addition, my parents are now feeling more relieved, knowing that there is an additional financial assistance in helping them provide for both their daughter and son in their education."


Last updated on 20 Dec 2016 .