Giving Review 2021

Giving Review 2021 / Feature Story 2 PARTNERING TO DRIVE HOLISTIC IMPACT AND TRANSFORMATION FEATURE STORY Over the years, SMU has taken significant strides in working with our donors and partners to structure robust and comprehensive initiatives that create impact in multiple areas. This evolution towards an increasingly holistic approach to transformation combines our collective goals of Empowering Students, Creating New Knowledge and positively Impacting the Community into more multi-faceted gift opportunities. SMU’S PARTNERSHIP WITH MAPLETREE TO CREATE LASTING IMPACT Since 2013, Mapletree and SMU have journeyed together to help shape the real estate industry for the better — ensuring access to education while creating new knowledge in the sector. Through the partnership, the Mapletree Real Estate Programme was established and is a holistic programme that enables SMU to provide a transformative education to our students, drive cutting-edge research in real estate, and contribute towards the sector as an engaged city university. Several leaders from Mapletree are also part of the SMU Advisory Board for Real Estate which provides inputs on the programme and helps guide the curriculum to ensure it is up to date with the latest industry trends and standard. PARTNERSHIP TIMELINE 2013 First gift of $500,000 to establish the Mapletree Bursary 2017 Further gift of $3 million to establish the Mapletree Real Estate Programme at SMU Professor Francis Koh appointed as the first Mapletree Professor of Real Estate, and was instrumental in developing the SMU Real Estate Track, and leading real estate thought leadership industry events 2018 First cohort of undergraduates enrolled in the Real Estate Track Inaugural Mapletree Annual Lecture by Professor Francis Koh, with subsequent annual lectures by Visiting Professors from prestigious universities such as the University of Pennsylvania 2019 Inaugural Mapletree-SMU Real Estate Forum 2021 A new $2.5 million contribution by Mapletree to further strengthen the Mapletree Real Estate Programme at SMU Real Estate Track established within SMU’s accredited Master of Science in Applied Finance (“MAF”) programme OUR IMPACT OVER THE YEARS*: 20 students have benefitted from Mapletree Bursaries 10 students have benefitted from Mapletree Awards 111 business study mission participants (3 overseas and 1 local business study missions conducted) 1,600+ attendees participated in the Mapletree Annual Lecture and Mapletree Forum *As of 2021 66 participants enrolled in the Real Estate Track since AY2018 (19 graduates and 47 students)