Giving Review 2021

GROWING OUR SUPPORT THROUGH EXISTING FINANCIAL AID PROGRAMMES Beyond SMU Access, we also continue to work with partners to build and further strengthen other financial aid programmes that provide assistance to our students. By expanding on existing gifts, programmes and initiatives, we ensure continued momentum to allow for more sustained support of those benefitting. New gifts that strengthen our financial aid support offering: OCTAVA FOUNDATION STUDY AWARD Originally established in 2017, the gift continues to grow and support more students thanks to additional funding by the Octava Foundation to enhance the study award. Each study award is valued at $6,000 and tenable for up to 3 years of study. WE ARE ALWAYS IMPRESSED BY HOW THE STUDENTS PRESENT THEMSELVES AND THE MEANINGFUL CONTRIBUTIONS THEY MAKE THROUGH THEIR INTERACTIONS WITH OUR FELLOW STUDY AWARD RECIPIENTS AND IN THE COMMUNITY. ESTHER HENG PROGRAMME DIRECTOR, OCTAVA FOUNDATION BUILDING ON A STRONG FOUNDATION OF GIVING FEATURE STORY