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SMU Alumni Silver Jubilee Fund

250 SMU alumni, $5,000 each.
To raise $1,250,000 in commemoration of SMU’s 25th birthday.
To support 5 students per year, every year, forever.

As SMU turns a historic 25 years old in 2025, we invite our alumni to celebrate this momentous occasion with a meaningful initiative. The SMU Alumni Silver Jubilee Fund (ASJF) seeks the support of 250 alumni, each with a contribution of a minimum of $5,000, to raise a record $1.25m which will annually provide 5 financially challenged students each with a $10,000 Study Award, in perpetuity.

Alumni may opt to make the contribution over one or two annual instalments, which will receive a 2.5x tax deduction from the Government.

Be part of the first 250 SMU Alumni Silver Jubilee Fund donors to make a historic difference.



How does the SMU Alumni Silver Jubilee Fund (ASJF) provide 5 study awards per year in perpetuity?
As an endowment, the funds raised will attract MOE matching that will be co-mingled with the principal sum to be invested. This will disburse 5 study awards annually each valued at $10,000, in perpetuity.
How will the study award recipients be selected?
The recipients of the study awards disbursed by the ASJF will be selected based on their financial needs. In accordance with prevailing MOE guidelines, students with monthly per capita income of $2,500 and below are eligible for the study awards.
Will I get to meet the study award recipients?
Yes. Donors will have the opportunity to meet the student recipients through platforms organised by the SMU Office of Advancement.
How will I be recognized for my donation?
Donors’ names will be listed on the ASJF website as well as SMU’s annual giving review. You will also be invited to alumni donor appreciation events.
May I donate more than $5,000 to ASJF?
Yes. The minimum contribution to ASJF is $5,000. Singapore individuals and corporate tax residents will enjoy 2.5 times tax deductions.
Can I donate through my own company?
Yes, SMU alumni who own businesses may opt to donate through their companies to receive 2.5 times corporate tax deductions.
Can I utilise my company’s matching programme?
Yes. SMU alumni employed in companies with matching donation programmes (e.g. Mastercard, Google, Microsoft) may utilise these programmes to amplify their giving.
Please contact Ivy Wong via or LinkedIn to find out more about ASJF and alumni giving initiatives.