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As we envisage a better world in all we do, SMU as an institution and our people are hugely optimistic about the future, and our collective roles in shaping tomorrow. We have grown from strength to strength – our closeness with industry and communities, and the calibre of our educational experience, as reflected in the bright young leaders that we have developed, are a testament of our commitment to addressing the world’s most pressing issues.

We invite you to work with and through us to create a lasting legacy of better for our collective futures. Join us in imagining a better future through our campaign priorities.

The challenge of creating a better future starts with equipping tomorrow’s leaders. Our collective commitment to our students ensures that they have real opportunities to explore new pathways for development and to discover the full extent of their capabilities.

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We place a deep emphasis on extending our academic capacity and expanding our physical environment, to ensure that all our learners and faculty are supported as they strive for better.

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Core to our DNA is the desire to improve and positively impact our communities and environment. Through impactful applied research, we reframe today’s societal challenges, uncovering and sharing new solutions and ways of thinking about problems.

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Empowering Students

Global Education And Support For The Region’s Brightest

“It has given me the rare chance to reconnect with peers who come from a similar background as me. Through these seniors I was introduced to the welcoming Thai community in SMU and this has brought me one step closer to reconnecting with the Thai society.”


Recipient, Bangkok Bank Scholarship
Class of 2017, School of Business, SMU

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Expanding Capacity

World-Class Faculty Engaged In Real World Issues

“At AXA, we believe that researchers have the keys to societal progress, and that an engaged community of academics can contribute to shape a better world.”

Mr Raphaël Gusdorf

Research Fund Head

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Enhancing Impact

Revitalising The Retail Scene In Singapore And Beyond

“Retail organisations will also benefit from research by our faculty experts, offering evidence-based insights of relevance to business and industry.”

Professor Lily Kong

5th President

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Empowering Students

Mobilising A Force For Better

“Being recipients of SMU scholarships, we are grateful for the opportunities it has opened up for us as we step into new careers after retiring from the Singapore Armed Forces. Creating the SMU Warriors Fund is our small gesture to pay it forward.”

BG Chua Boon Keat

Commandant, SAFTI Military Institute
Class Of 2018, Lee Kong Chian School of Business (EMBA)

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Expanding Capacity

The Means To Tackleing Today’S Societal Challenges

“Being awarded this Professorship provides a tremendous boost to my work. It will support more effective collaborations with top researchers globally, research outputs with greater practical relevance, as well as more productive network linkages between industry and academia. It will help fund data collection and recruitment of research assistants, as well as facilitate my participation in relevant conferences and field visits.”

Professor Wang Heli

Recipient, Janice Bellace Professorship, Lee Kong Chian School of Business

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Enhancing Impact

Creating A Global Platform To Drive Innovation

“We are grateful to Wilmar International for supporting the Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition, which is a platform for world-class innovators, venture capitalists and young entrepreneurial talents to convene and discuss game changing ideas that will power the smart cities of tomorrow.”

Mr Hau Koh Foo

Director, Institute of Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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Empowering Students

Empowerment Begins With Access

“We want to send a message to all Singaporean students that they should never be shy or have second thoughts about going to university because of financial circumstances.”

Mr Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin

Quantedge Foundation

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Expanding Capacity

Advancing The Business Of Family

“The family unit is the most vital and sustainable unit of society. In order for family continuation to exist, and longevity and legacy to be built, family entrepreneurship is key. I am confident that through this newly established V3 Group Professorship in Family Entrepreneurship, SMU will be able to generate more research insights and develop relevant programmes on family entrepreneurship, and make a positive and meaningful impact on business families across the region.”

Mr Ron Sim

Founder and Chairman
V3 Group

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Enhancing Impact

A Rising Chapter For Asia

“We have to embrace these changes... to have a good understanding of the impact these forces will have, and to calibrate our education system accordingly so that our students will be prepared and equipped to thrive in this fast-changing world.”

Professor Arnoud De Meyer

4th President

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Empowering Students

In Pursuit Of A Better World Through Legal Education

“We are very touched by the affection and respect shown to our father by the many generous donors to this fund in his name. We know he would have been moved too. It is our hope that the fund will support and cultivate new generations of lawyers, jurists and legal scholars who love the law every bit as much as he did.”

Family of the late Mr Joseph Grimberg SC

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Enhancing Impact

Passion And Access To Technology For The

“Throughout Project HeartCode, I have received more than I could give. From my fellow mentors and mentees, I have learnt about tenacity, determination, creativity and much more. I am really grateful for this amazing community service experience and I really hope more can benefit from this project.”

Teh Ming Yi

Undergraduate, School of Information Systems, SMU

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"Impact is about delivering a holistic and transformative education which then enables our students and graduates to make a meaningful impact on the world..."

Professor Lily Kong

President of Singapore Management University

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